N: The Way of the Ninja

Skill is everything in this platform game



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N: The Way of the Ninja is a platform game where you control a little ninja whose goal is to beat a series of impossibly difficult levels. To do so, you'll need to collect the gold coins that are scattered throughout each level.

All the levels have crazy challenging designs, to the point where sometimes N: The Way of the Ninja feels more like a puzzle game than a platform game. Above all else, you'll have to pay attention and use your skills in order to progress.

The most notable characteristics of N: The Way of the Ninja are its physics and its hellish difficulty, which is sometimes reminiscent of Super Meat Boy. Some parts, in fact, seem practically impossible.

You'll also find a level editor in the game that lets you create and share your own tortuous creations with other players. The tool is very simple to use: just watch the tutorial and you'll be ready to go.

N: The Way of the Ninja is a super fun platform game that has paid versions for other consoles but is free on PC. Don't miss this opportunity to play an excellent game where skill is everything.
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